Philip Williams & Co Insurance Management

Philip Williams & Co

Philip Williams and Company is the UK's leading provider of group insurance schemes to the Police Service. They also provide bespoke insurance schemes to other affinity groups and organisations.

They specialise in analysing the needs of the group and creating tailor made packages of cover to suit. Each scheme may have different types of cover, and various levels within each cover.

By grouping everything together under one package, with a single regular premium for all covers, premiums can be kept low, often much lower than when each insurance is purchased individually.

If you would like to talk to us about a group insurance scheme, please call on 01925 604421 or, if you are a member of a Philip Williams and Company Group Insurance Scheme, you can access your relevant information via their website.

If you are already registered on their old website, you can login using the same email address to take you to your group scheme page. They no longer require passwords to access our page.

If you have not yet registered, please use the register button, enter your email address and select your Group Scheme.