The Police Federation of The Isle of Man (PFIOM) is the staff association for police constables, sergeants and inspectors (including chief inspectors) representing more than 220 rank and file officers.  

We are governed by rules and regulations set by The Isle of Man government and The Minister of Home Affairs.

Core purpose

Our core purpose was amended in May 2014 for the first time since the Federation was set up in 1919, following a recommendation in an Independent Review for it to reflect our commitment to act in the public interest, with public accountability, alongside our accountability to our members.

In fulfilling our statutory responsibilities for the welfare and efficiency of our members we will, at all levels:

  • ensure that our members are fully informed and that there is the highest degree of transparency in decision-making and the use of resources.

  • maintain exemplary standards of conduct, integrity and professionalism.

  • act in the interests of our members and the public, seeking to build public confidence in the police service and accepting public accountability for our use of public money.

  • work together within the Federation and in partnership with others in the policing world to achieve our goals. 

Aims & objectives

The Police Federation of The Isle of Man has a statutory obligation to ensure that the views of our members are accurately relayed to government, opinion formers and key stakeholders. To ensure this we measure the work we do and what we seek to achieve against our organisational aims and objectives.

Represent and support

Aim: To represent and promote the interests and welfare of our members, and to support colleagues to achieve the required professional standards.

We do this by:

  • meeting our statutory responsibilities

  • representing our members’ interests in matters of discipline, diversity, health and safety, welfare, pensions, claims and member services and many other issues

  • ensuring that representatives have the required skills and abilities to fulfil their role and meet their statutory responsibilities

  • providing national and local representation to ensure that our members receive appropriate training to deliver a professional police service. 


Aim: To influence internal and external decision makers at local and national levels on matters affecting our members and the police service.

We do this by:

  • providing clear leadership locally and nationally on issues affecting the membership

  • listening to and reflecting issues concerning our members 

  • maintaining an effective communications strategy

  • engaging with all internal and external stakeholders and decision makers

  • putting evidence-based information in the hands of decision makers. 


Aim: To maintain and improve the conditions of service and pay of our members.

We do this by:

  • actively participating in national, force and local negotiations

  • negotiating collectively and on behalf of individual members 

  • using evidence-based information in our business practices.